Cornerstone Services Helps Couple Save Over 20% on Energy Costs

Fri. April 10, 09  – NYSERDA and Community Energy Services of Canton NY announced the completion of the first New York Energy Smart Multifamily Building in the state. Through NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program, apartment buildings of five units or more can earn the New York Energy Smart label by reducing overall energy use by 20 percent or more.  Cornerstone Services was chosen to complete the renovation of the heating system and upgrade the water heating on the project.

Cornerstone Services Receives New Rinnai Certification

Five Cornerstone Services employees recently completed through an intense training program for Rinnai Products. Rinnai makes superior products such as Tankless Water Heaters and Direct Vent Room Heaters. Rinnai is the fastest selling producer of tankless water heaters.

Just by removing your conventional water heater and replacing it with a new Rinnai Tankless unit, you will save money! With a tankless unit you no longer are paying for fuel to warm a large tank of water just so its ready when you need it.

rinnaiWith a Rinnai Tankless unit you only use fuel when you turn on the tap, a huge fuel savings.

Cornerstone Services is an authorized Rinnai Dealer.